Need a job with flexible hours and great pay? Want to work from home? If you are creative and can act the part, then being a phone sex operator (PSO) might be just what you are looking for.

Here is some general information about and being a PSO to get you started:

  • Get Started: Currently, there is no hiring process. In other words, if you agree to our terms, set up your account, fill out your profile information, set your per minute rate, and send in your tax forms and independent contractor agreement, then you are hired!
  • Our Customers: Our customers pick the phone sex actor or actress they want to call. What does this mean? Customers are allowed to surf our site and look at the different PSO profile pages to pick who they want to call, so your profile page is very important! Also, you can actively look for your own customers, for instance, through online chat forums, and send them to your profile page on Taking the extra initiative to get customers to your profile page, especially when you first start will really pay off.
  • Your Profile: What should be included on your profile page? Your sales pitch. Invent your own character! Tell the customer why they should call you! Let them know if anything goes or if you are strictly taking certain types of calls, for instance–if you are a male and only want to receive calls from women, say so in your profile. Customers will be able to rate the call, so you want to be clear in your profile about the calls you want to receive. Pictures of you are optional, but operators with pictures can definitely expect to receive more calls! Even though, you do not have to upload a picture of yourself, you do have to upload some kind of image to represent yourself, like a pretty image of your username or something similar. Just make sure you have the right to use whatever you decide to upload.
  • Be Creative: If you are just starting out in this business, try looking up scripts online to give you role playing ideas or ideas on how to talk dirty over the phone. This position is often referred to as a phone actor or actress position for a reason. You have to act! Expect that most customers are looking to explore their fantasies and are looking for something fun and different.
  • Get paid! We offer our operators some of the best pay in the business. You set your own per minute rate. That’s right! If you think you can make it, then charge it! We take 30% of your earnings plus a $0.20 per minute connection fee and you keep the rest! It’s across the board, it doesn’t matter if you talk only for a minute or for an hour. For example, if you are charging $2.00 per minute and talk to a customer for ten minutes, we keep $6 (30%), and your connection fee is $2.00 ($0.20 per min). That leaves $12 for you! At this rate, you would make $72 in an hour. Not too shabby!

Questions? Just ask!

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